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Logic Manufacturing design and build a wide range of British built trailers, implements and accessories especially for use with Quad Bikes, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Utility Vehicles (UTVs), small tractors and 4x4s.

Made using only the finest materials for over 40 years, Logic products are used across many industries including agriculture, equestrian, groundcare and forestry and can deal with many tasks no matter how challenging.

Logic Trailers

With a wide range of trailers available to suit ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s and tractors including:

  • UTV/ATV off-road general purpose trailer
  • High-sided ATV trailer
  • UTV/ATV/4×4 off-road OXR trailer
  • UTV/ATV/4×4 road bale trailer
  • Road legal ATV trailer
  • ATV beaver tail trailer
  • UTV road legal trailer
  • UTV/ATV gas bottle trailer
  • ATV heavy duty tipping trailer
  • ATV low-sided tipping trailer
  • ATV high-sided tipping trailer
  • ATV stepped wheels underneath trailer

Logic Feeders

Logic feeders are ideal for feeding livestock, poultry and game and have excellent ground clearance and galvanised protection to give long life. Choose from:

  • UTV/ATV multi-feeder
  • Trailed Chick feeder
  • UTV/ATV game feeder
  • UTV/ATV game feeder/broadcaster
  • ATV game feeder/broadcaster
  • UTV/ATV game feeder/broadcaster
  • UTV/ATV game feeder/broadcaster (130L)

Logic Weed Wipers

Logic weed wipers are the most advanced and reliable systems available and helps save on chemical costs when compared to chemical spraying and includes:

  • Contact 2000 CTF towed ATV weed wiper
  • Tractor mounted CTM600 grassland weed wiper
  • Tractor mounted CTM600 arable weed wiper

Logic Harrows, Surface Graders, Aerators and Rollers

When you need a reliable harrow, aerator, roller or surface grader, then Logic have got the perfect one for the job in hand. Included in the range are:

  • ATV/UTV agricultural pro-harrow
  • 4×4/UTV/ATV super harrow
  • UTV/ATV chain harrow
  • 4×4/UTV/ATV agricultural PG250 surface grader
  • Surface Pro LSP150 trailed arena surface conditioner
  • LTA terrator/slitter
  • UTV/ATV BR ballast roller

Logic Mowers, Sweepers and Harvesters

The range of Logic mowers help to improve grass quality and keep weeds under control, whereas the Logic sweepers range help deal with leaves, debris, grass and other materials with ease and the Logic seed harvester range is designed to sweep the seed heads it comes into contact with into the hopper. Included in the range are:

  • UTV/ATV TRM rotary mower/topper
  • UTV/ATV MFP heavy duty rotary mower/topper
  • UTV/ATV MFT heavy scrub buster flail mower
  • 4×4/UTV/ATV MSP pro-sweep
  • UTV/ATV MSH320 seed harvester
  • MSH4240 seed harvester

Logic Paddock and Yard Cleaners

Keeping paddocks and yards clean is important for animal health and the Logic range of paddock and yard cleaners are ideal for doing these jobs quickly and efficiently. Included in the range are:

  • 4×4/UTV/ATV Pro Sweep MSP Horse Muck Collector
  • UTV/ATV S215 Power Brush
  • UTV UTS215HR Power Brush
  • S228 ATV Snow Plough
  • S221 ATV Snow Plough
  • UTS201 UTV Snow Plough
  • System 20 STV/UTV chassis
  • S210 ATV Yard Scraper

Logic Sprayers

The range of Logic sprayers are durable, strong and can be mounted or trailed and are ideal for ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s and tractors. All booms have strong break-back devices for electric pumps and booms can be quickly adjusted for correct nozzle to target height. Included in the range are:

  • ATV on board sprayer 60 litre
  • ATV on board sprayer 130 litre
  • 4×4/UTV deck mounted sprayer
  • Three point linkage tractor mounted sprayer system
  • TS400 trailed ATV sprayer
  • TS660/680 trailed UTV/ATV sprayer
  • Trailed boom-less UTV/ATV TS625 sprayer
  • TS500/600 trailed ATV sprayer
  • S409/S410 system 40 UTV/ATV sprayer
  • System 40 universal chassis for UTV/ATV

Logic Fertiliser Spreaders

Designed perfectly for use with ATVs and UTVs and make spreading fertiliser, salt, sand and other materials easy and efficiently. Choose from:

  • LDS ATV spreader range
  • S407 system 40 spreader
  • UTV/ATV VC fertiliser spreader
  • UTV/ATV EBC TFS electro agriculture broacaster

Logic Liquid Bowsers

The Logic liquid bowser range allows you to easily transport liquids or water to where they are needed. Either deck mounted, trailed or three-point linkage mounted, these bowsers are strong and durable and the moulded translucent tank helps you to see how much liquid is in the tank at all times. Choose from:

  • DMB300 deck mount 270 litre bowser
  • TPB three-point linkage bowser
  • SLB400 trailed 270 litre bowser
  • SLB620/H/HM 600 litre trailed bowser range
  • SLB610HB hanging basket watering system

Logic Timber Trailers

The Logic range of timber trailers offer excellent ground clearance to avoid stumps, etc and are built to deal with arduous conditions and work. The moveable headboards can accommodate different lengths. Choose from:

  • UTV/ATV THT400 Timber Hauler Trailer
  • UTV/ATV THT200 Timber Hauler Trailer

Logic Salt Spreaders

During the cold months, keeping roads, yards and driveways clear is essential for keeping a business running and the range of Logic salt spreaders will help make light work of clearing snow and ice. Choose from:

  • Tractor/4×4/UTV GDS250 salt spreader
  • Quad Bike/ATV GDS150 salt spreader
  • UTV PDS150D salt spreader
  • Small/compact tractor PDS150T salt spreader
  • Forklift/Telehandler PDS150F hydraulic salt spreader
  • 4×4/Pick Up PDS354D deck mount powered salt spreader
  • 4×4/Pick Up PDS354RB towed powered salt spreader

Logic De-Icing Spreaders and Sprayers

Designed specifically to adding specialist ice-melt liquids where using rock salt or or other de-icing products is either not an option or for safety reasons cannot be used. Choose from:

  • OBS135S ATV on board 130 litre sprayer
  • TPS three-point linkage tractor mounted sprayer system
  • TS625 trailed boom-less UTV/ATV sprayer
  • EBC-TS85PP 12V de-icing ATV 85 litre spreader
  • TBS130PP 12V de-icing ATV 130 litre spreader
  • TS300PH UTV/ATV broadcaster