Iseki were founded back in 1926 in Japan and manufacture a range of agricultural and horticultural tractors and ride on mowers suitable for a wide range of jobs for farmers, contractors, groundcare professionals, parks, municipal areas, large estates and many other industries.

With a 2 year warranty on all Iseki products, build quality is never compromised, giving you the customer, all the assurance you need to get the job in hand completed with complete confidence.

Iseki Tractor Range

Iseki manufacture a range of quality mid-size to compact tractors with generous specifications and a range of options, all backed by Iseki’s 2 year warranty.

For farmers there is the powerful TG range with 35-65hp engines and for groundcare professionals requiring a lightweight compact tractor that is ideal for large gardens, sports turf or schools, there is the TH and TM range.

Iseki TG Tractor Range

The Iseki TG tractor is ideal for agricultural work or turf maintenance thanks to it powerful water-cooled 3 or 4 cylinder diesel engine providing 40-67hp.

With its spacious and comfortable cabin, hydrostat with electro servo control and innovative IQ dual-clutch gearbox (on IQ models), this tractor offers high performance and reliability for many tasks.

Iseki TG tractor features at a glance:

  • High performance Iseki Stage V diesel engine offering 40 to 67 HP
  • Lift capacities up to 1600kg
  • IQ gearbox featuring an innovative dual-clutch
  • Loader joystick and valve fitted as standard
  • Two double-acting auxiliary valves
  • Hydrostat with electro servo control
  • Headland management system on IQ models
  • HST controls including cruise control, memory/resume, speed control an response control
  • Four wheel drive

Iseki TH Tractor Range

The Iseki TH tractor is a mid-range tractor that is ideal for large sports pitches or anywhere that requires lightweight machinery, but needs high horsepower and an exceptional lift capacity.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is also ideal for greenhouses or cattle sheds and has a stage V compliant 35hp or 45hp diesel engine and a 3-speed hydrostatic transmission.

Optional extras include a fully air conditioned cab, mid-mount deck and front loader.

Iseki TH tractor features at a glance:

  • Choice of 35hp or 40hp Stage V compliant Iseki turbo diesel engine
  • 1200kg lift capacity
  • 3-speed hydrostatic transmission (3 forward and 3 reverse)
  • Four wheel drive
  • 2 speed rear PTO with 2 mode engagement and auto stop function plus mid PTO to suit a variety of implements
  • Optional spacious and comfortable air conditioned cab

Iseki TLE Tractor Range

Offering excellent value for money, the Iseki TLE tractor features high horsepower and simple controls making it ideal for smallholders and sports pitches.

With a powerful Iseki 3 cylinder turbo Stage V diesel engine offering 40 to 55hp and a choice of F12/R12 mechanical transmission on the TLE4550 or a 3-speed HST and F8/R8 mechanical transmission on the TLE3410.

With a lift capacity up to 1200kg and options including a front loader and on the TLE4550 a mid-PTO and draft control, there are plenty of jobs suitable for a tractor of this size.

Iseki TLE tractor features at a glance:

  • Iseki Stage V turbo diesel engine offering 40hp to 55hp
  • F12/R12 transmission on the TLE4550
  • 3-speed HST or F8/R8 transmission on the TLE3410
  • Up to 1200kg lift capacity at the ball ends
  • One double acting auxiliary valve
  • Options include front loader and a second auxiliary valve
  • A mid-PTO and draft control option is available on the TLE4550

Iseki TM Tractor Range

The Iseki TM tractor is very lightweight and compact making it ideal for tight areas and is suitable for schools, small sports turf areas like tennis courts and gardens thanks to its light footprint.

With its powerful 25hp engine, there is also a choice of a 3-speed hydrostatic, F8/R8 mechanical transmission and synchromesh shuttle.

With a mid and rear PTO with 2 mode engagement and two double acting auxiliary valves, this makes it ideal for the optional mid-mount mower, collector and front loader.

Iseki TM tractor features at a glance:

  • Stage V compliant 3-cylinder diesel water-cooled 16hp, 19hp or 25hp engine
  • 3-speed hydrostatic or F8/R8 mechanical transmission and synchromesh shuttle (TM3185 has mechanical F6/R2 only)
  • 600kg lift capacity at ball ends (540kg on the TM3185)
  • Mid and rear PTO with 2 mode engagement and two double acting auxiliary valves on TM3217 and TM3267
  • Four wheel drive
  • Options include front loader, mid-mount mower and grass cutting and collection system (dependent on model)

Iseki TXGS Tractor Range

The Iseki TXGS is a sub-compact tractor that can easily deal with a multitude of tasks and when used with the optional mower decks and front loader, offers limitless uses.

With a powerful 23hp 3-cylinder diesel engine and a lift capacity of 540kg, the 2-speed hydrostatic transmission with auto throttle helps to save fuel and there is a switchable 4WD too and differential lock.

Optional extras include a front loader, mower deck, front linkage with A-Frame and a front PTO so implements such as a sweeper brush or snow plough can be utilised.

Iseki TXGS tractor features at a glance:

  • Powerful 23hp 1123cc 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Light front print, compact design
  • 540kg lift capacity
  • 2-speed hydrostatic transmission (2F/2R)
  • Switchable four wheel drive
  • Independent mid and rear PTO and auxiliary valve block
  • Road lighting, left and right mirrors and trailer socket for safe and legal highway use
  • A range of options including outlet kit for auxiliary valve, front loader, mid-mount decks and collector, front linkage and A-Frame and front PTO

Iseki Ride On Mower Range

With the Iseki Ride on Mower range, you can cut and collect whatever the weather. Whether you are cutting parks or verges, sports fields or large back gardens, there is an Iseki mower that is perfect for the job in hand.

High performance, supreme operator comfort, high quality and reliability come as standard as does the impressive Iseki 2 year warranty, meaning come rain or shine, you will get an outstanding cut and superior finish every time.

Iseki SF5 Mower Range

The Iseki SF5 mower range is a large capacity collector mower and features a large fuel tank and road lighting as standard and are designed to work long hours, by offering powerful performance and superior driver comfort.

Powered by an Iseki 42hp 3-cylinder engine (SF544) or 49hp (SF551) 4-cylinder engine, both offer plenty of torque to deal with even the most dense and wet grass without slowing down and thanks to its hydrostatic 4WD transmission, this makes mowing effortless.

The electric auto reversing cooling fan continuously cleans the radiator screen keeping the engine at the correct working temperature. Cruise control also helps to reduce driver fatigue on long shifts and an optional fitted cabin with air conditioning is perfect for working in all weathers.

Iseki SF5 mower features at a glance:

  • Powerful Iseki 42hp 3-cylinder stage V engine (SF544)
  • Powerful Iseki 49hp – 4-cylinder stage V engine (SF551)
  • Hydrostatic 4WD transmission
  • Electric auto-reversing cooling fan
  • 2.2mtr clearance high tip with large 1300 litre collector
  • 60″ or 71″ rotary deck with quick height adjustment system and mulching plate
  • Or renowned 1.62mtr outfront Muthing Flail deck
  • Changeable plate in flail deck to swap between collection or mulching
  • Swap flail blades to scarifying blades for turf maintenance and collection all in one
  • Cruise control
  • Optional air-conditioned cabin available for the ultimate comfort

Iseki SF2 Mower Range

The Iseki SF2 is a range of out-front mowers offering superior build quality, cutting edge design and innovative features making it ideal for commercial mowing.

The cutting deck is tucked right under the front of the mower making it more compact and easier to transport and with rotary cut and drop, rotary cut and collect, flail cut and drop or flail cut and collect, this mower offers complete flexibility for the operator.

The 60″ rotary deck has quick height adjustment and with a wide range of cutting decks including 1.37mtr flail or 1.4mtr out-front muthing flail deck, there are plenty of options.

Iseki SF2 mower features at a glance:

  • Choice of two Stage V compliant engines – 22.5hp (SF224) or 35hp (SF237)
  • Can be fitted with a high tip collection system up to 2.1mtr high that holds an impressive 950 litres of grass cuttings
  • Wide range of cutting decks from rotary to flail cut and collect or cut and drop
  • SF224 has the option of a tool carrier in place of the grass collector
  • 60″ rotary deck with quick height adjustment system
  • 1.37m ISEKI flail or renowned 1.4m outfront Muthing Flail deck

Iseki SRA Mower Range

Thanks to its low centre of gravity, the Iseki SRA mower is capable of cutting on slopes of up to 25 degrees and its well balanced brushcutter is capable of cutting anything it can drive over such as grassy areas and abandoned woodland paths with thick undergrowth. Even saplings can be tackled with ease.

With a choice of two cutting decks 95cm or 80cm, and fitted with swing tip blades, the dual control hydrostatic transmission and differential lock, make mowing so much easier and more efficient.

Fitted with a powerful Kawasaki 14hp or 21hp petrol engine and on the SRA950F an on demand 4WD, this makes this mower capable of working on really tough terrain and wet grassy slopes.

Iseki SF2 mower features at a glance:

  • Kawasaki 14hp (SRA800) or 21hp (SRA950F) petrol engine
  • 80cm deck on SRA800 with 15 degree slope capability and 2WD
  • 95cm deck on SRA950F with 25 degree slope capability and on demand 4WD
  • Height of cut adjustment 20mm-90mm (SRA800) and 35mm-125mm (SRA950F)
  • Single blade with two swing tips (reversible)
  • Hydrostatic transmission with forward and reverse pedal
  • Differential lock

Iseki SXG+ Mower Range

With three models in the Iseki SXG+ mower range offering 13.5hp to 21.6hp, with its shaft-driven cutting deck, it is able to work even in wet conditions.

Available with a choice of 650 litre high tip or 590 and 320 litre low tip collectors and 40″ to 54″ centre discharge decks, there is also the option of a mulching deck with a flip up floor kit to cut and drop providing excellent cutting and collection in wet or dry conditions.

Featuring a simple to use two pedal hydrostatic transmission and a large operators platform, this offers maximum comfort, even for the tallest of operators. And with ergonomic controls and a comfortable suspension seat, working long hours will not be a problem.

Iseki SXG+ mower features at a glance:

  • Choice of 13.5hp (SXG216+), 19.4hp (SXG324) or 21.6hp (SXG327) diesel engines
  • 40″, 48″ or 54″ cutting deck with cutting heights from 25mm to 120mm (dependent on model)
  • Low dump collector with 320 litre capacity on SXG216+
  • Low dump 590 litre collector on SXG324 model
  • High dump 650 litre collector on SXG327 model
  • Two pedal 2WD hydrostatic transmission
  • Hydraulic deck lift and height of cut adjustment
  • Power steering
  • Optional extras include tow hitch, flip-up floor kit, front hitch and handy hitch