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for over 35 years, Cherry Products Ltd have been manufacturing a range of quality attachments for agricultural machinery and have gained the reputation for being the market leader for this specialised industry.

Built using only the finest raw materials, Cherry Products are designed to provide the highest levels of performance and durability, whilst giving many years of trouble free service.

Used by farmers, professional contractors, estate managers, livestock handlers and more, browse through the Cherry Product range below.

Cherry Products X-Form Professional Range

The range of X-Form Professional attachments have been designed to offer great value, strong and efficient attachments for today’s modern farmer and professional contractor. Included in the range are buckets, forks and grabs, bucket brushes and tipping skips.

The range of X-From buckets are more heavy duty than traditional mild steel buckets and come in a wide range of sizes from 1.85 metre (6 foot) to 2.75 metre (9 foot) wide. Features include heavy duty heat treated wear edges and corner gussets, plus coastal grade two pack paint and a rolled bucket shell.

The range of X-Form+ buckets has been designed for the most demanding of jobs and conditions. With an 8mm shell, formed floor, integrated spill guard, reinforced side stiffeners, gussets and heavy duty brackets, these buckets are available in a wide range of sizes from 1.85 metre (6 foot) to 2.75 metre (9 foot) wide.

The range of X-Form fork and grabs feature heavy duty heat treated wear plates, coastal grade two pack paint, high capacity rams, high grade zinc plated pins and long tine bushes. Available in widths from 1.68 metres (5 foot 6 inches) through to 2.75 metre (9 foot) and capacities from 0.90m3 (32ft3) to 2.70m3 (95ft3).

The range of X-Form bucket brushes have galvanised bodies and an adjustable frame to fit most tractor and telehandler buckets for quick and easy yard sweeping. Hard wearing, reverse action poly brushes offer a low cost and effective clearing solution. With six models in the range to fit 6 foot buckets up to 8 foot 6 inch buckets.

The range of X-Form multi-buckets have heavy duty features such as heat treated wear edges, coastal grade two pack paint, high capacity rams, high grade pins, and unbeatable clamping power. All five models in the range also come with a heat treated reversible toe plate, domex profiled tines and removable side panels as standard. Widths are from 1.85 metre (6 foot) to 2.45 metre (8 foot).

The range of X-Form tipping skips are manufactured from high strength, low alloy 3mm steel and comes in two models. The ALS-120 is an auto locking tipping skip with a 1.20m3 (43ft3) capacity and the TS-120 is a manual release skip also with a 1.20m3 (43ft3) capacity.

Cherry Products Man Platforms

The Cherry Products man platforms offer a secure and safe way to work at height. All models come as standard with tine fixings or bracket mount, have a self closing access gate and a full width tool shelf.

Both the CM24D and CM24D/8 models also come with a galvanised finish as standard. Both models are two man and come with a certificate of conformity to comply with HSE Regulations (PM28).

Cherry Products Smartbox

The Cherry Products smartbox provides practical/removeable ballast as will as incorporating secure storage for tools and parts.

It also incorporates high reflective chevron markers, LED lights and the two large side cabinets have internal shelves. The doors also seal and lock to keep tools and parts safe.

It is available for any front tractor linkage and there are three models in the range; The CSBLARGE which has a 450kg unladen weight, the CSBSTANDARD which has a 400kg unladen weight and the CSBSMALL which has a unladen weight of 350kg. 

There is also the option to include fuel storage containers, concrete weight blocks complete with pallet tine fixings, painted or stainless steel custom nameplates and a CCTV system.

Cherry Products Forks

All Cherry Products forks and grabs are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards using heavy duty materials to ensure high performance and longer wear characteristics. The grabs are also powered by high capacity hydraulic cylinders to ensure a strong clamp.

The Cherry Products buck rake is designed for large horsepower tractors. The large push off gate is built with a laser cut and pressed 5mm thick sheet with 20mm thick stiffeners to ensure maximum strength, with the laser cut slots offering great visibility.  As standard the buck rake comes with cat 2/3 point linkage, flow valve, ultra strong S700 pushing arms, four side tines and reflective chevrons. A choice of Hardox and KV style tines are available with a 1260mm working length. 

The Cherry Products folding fork has a closed width of 8 foot provides a safe option for road transport whilst the fork opens out to 12 foot or 14 foot depending on the model for maximum productivity in the clamp. 1600mm long Hardox tines, full length bucket wear edge welded to the underside and a heavy duty profiled box section made from 20mm thick profiles complete the robust design.

The Cherry Products fork and grab is ideal for tractor loaders and skid steers and come as standard with two high capacity hydraulic cylinders, with high grade zinc plated pins for long working life. A wide, 910mm opening grab means the grab can be used in a  variety of applications, from mucking out to moving bales. Hydraulic hoses included as standard. KV type tines are bushed into the bottom fork box. 

The Cherry Products manure/silage fork comes in a wide range of working widths up to 8 foot (2.45 metre) wide and the fork frame is built with strength in mind with a tough box section to take one of the three tine types Cherry offer. Hardox tines can be requested.

The Cherry Products fork with bolt-on grab allows the top grab grapple to be removed so it can be used as a standard manure fork and comes with a variety of tine choices including Kverneland style, 2 inch round tines and Hardox style tines. Available in a wide range of working widths up to 8 foot (2.45 metre) wide.

The Cherry Products heavy duty fork and grab range is ideal for machines from 2 tonne to 4.5 tonne such as compact telehandlers and large capacity loader tractors. All of the Forks in our heavy duty grab range include grab stops for the protection of the hydraulic cylinders and pins. Available in a wide range of working widths up to 8 foot (2.45 metre) wide.

The Cherry Products stone fork helps to give a quick and efficient way of removing stones and rocks from cultivated land.  With a heavy duty design and ample visibility it is available in one width (1.98 metre/6 foot 6 inches) with KY type tines and comes as standard with a tine guard.

Cherry Products Buckets

Cherry Products buckets are renowned for their outstanding durability, cutting edge design, quality build and superb value for money.

With a range of buckets for loader tractors, skid steers, telehandlers and wheel loaders, whatever type of bucket you need, Cherry Products has one that is perfect for the job in hand.

Cherry Product rehandling buckets are built to suit your machine (ensuring the best possible crowd and dump can be achieved) and have a shorter floor depth for maximum tear out force.  The top of the bucket is flat, enhancing your view of the application, whilst also acting as an internal spill guard. Available in a wide range of working widths up to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products loader/skid steer buckets are perfect for smaller machines with up to a 2 tonne lifting capacity and widths ranging from 3 foot 6 inch (1.07 metre) up to 7 foot (2.14 metre) at various capacities.

Cherry Products grain buckets are purpose built to suit your machine and is manufactured to the highest quality from 5mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm plate, depending on the model. Available in various capacities and widths from 7 foot (2.13 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products multi-purpose buckets incorporates the ever popular grab design used in our heavy duty fork and grab and can be chosen with KV style or profile tines. All models also come as standard with a bolt on, reversible toe plate and removable side panels. Available in various capacities and widths from 6 foot 6 inch (1.98 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products low profile/potato buckets have an extended floor length compared to a standard rehandling bucket allowing the user to achieve a bucket load at minimum entry into the pile. This, along with the round bar edging, helps to protect against damage to the root. As standard the bucket also comes with corner strengthening gussets and support straps which run continuously around the bucket.  Available in various capacities and widths from 6 foot 6 inch (1.98 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products digging buckets matches the profile and shape of the Rolled Rehandling Bucket range, it is built to a much higher specification for the most demanding work. All models come with a bolt on reversible toe plate. Alternatively, digging teeth can be fitted upon request. Available in various capacities and widths from 6 foot 6 inch (1.98 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products 4-in-1 buckets can be used as a bucket, grader, clamp and a digger. As standard, all models are fitted with a double bevel, bolt on reversible toe plate and digging teeth can be fitted upon request.  Available in various capacities and widths from 5 foot (1.50 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products root crop buckets has 25mm round bars in the front and on the back. The standard spacing of these bars is 100mm centre to centre which gives 75mm gaps. Bar spacing can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.  Available in various capacities and widths from 6 foot 6 inch (1.98 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products toe-tip buckets allow for a greater height of tip, which benefits some applications that use high side trailers for instance. The Bucket itself is built with our normal strengthening designs, with the bracket frame angles tweaked for each bracket type to allow for maximum tip to be achieved.  Available in various capacities and widths from 6 foot 6 inch (1.98 metre) to 9 foot (2.75 metre).

Cherry Products waste buckets with claws has been designed working closely with our customers to come up with an extremely heavy duty product that will cope with the toughest of applications. Available in various capacities and widths from 7 foot 6 inch (2.28 metre) to 8 foot (2.45 metre).

Cherry Products bag filling buckets offer a time effective and easy way of filling, moving, stacking and loading bags. For filling material such as sand and gravel, bag hooks are slotted over the hangers on the rear of the bucket and a trap door mechanism allows material to fall freely and accurately. Available in two sizes; 4 foot 11 inch (1.50 metre) and 5 foot 3 inch (1.60 metre).

Cherry Products Bale Handling

With a variety of attachments, the Cherry Products range of bale handling equipment covers all tasks that requires this type of attachment and are made using the finest materials to give you all the performance and durability needed.

The Cherry Products soft hands grab allows round bales to be stacked conventionally or on their ends with ease. The tubular arms and heavy duty back frame combine to grab both wrapped and unwrapped bales. With the unit able to handle round bales of 800 – 1600mm diameter it covers the vast majority of possibilities.

The Cherry Products bale spike range comes with a durable box section frame, Kverneland style tines and tine bushes. Brackets are included on all models. A variety of models can deal with round bales, rectangular bales and a mixture of both.

The Cherry Products side squeeze bale grab is the ultimate grab for strength, versatility and design. For use on wrapped or unwrapped bales, squares or rounds, the heavy duty design of the CHW3 will maximise productivity. The heavy wall, circular tubed arms will protect bale wrapping and ensure a secure grip.

The Cherry Products over arm bale grab is ideal for those looking for a heavy duty, reliable option for moving and stacking wrapped or unwrapped bales. For use on both rounds and squares, it is designed to minimise wrap tears whilst offering a secure grip for precise stacking. 

The Cherry Products bale grab with rollers combines the best elements of a bale spike and a bale squeeze to offer a heavy duty, versatile attachment for a variety of applications. Using a roller system, the grab can be used for wrapped bales, with the rollers, large flat face and domed ends to protect the bale wrapping. By simply removing the rollers, 2 x KV style tines make the attachment a double bale spike with the hydraulic cylinder forcing the bales together and preventing them from spinning. 

Cherry Products Pallet Forks

The range of Cherry Products pallet forks, carriages and extensions are suitable for any machine and as with all their products are built using only the finest quality materials to give outstanding durability and wear characteristics.

The Cherry Products tine positioner allows the tines to be moved without the need to get out of the machine. Thanks to the great visibility though and over it, it takes less time to place the load whilst minimising the damage to pallets as the tines are in the correct position. 

The Cherry Products pallet fork carriage is built specifically to be suitable for any machine with tines to match. The benefit of having a pallet fork carriage is that you can pick up and drop off your tines like any other attachment, rather than having to remove them manually.

The range of Cherry Products pallet fork tines is simply huge and will fit most machines. These will either fit Cherry’s own pallet fork carriages, your exisitng headstock or both.

The Cherry Products side-shift carriage move forks horizontally on the fork carriage and enable exact pick-up or depositing of the loads in tight spots, greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of the pallet carriage and tines accordingly.

The Cherry Products pallet fork extensions simply slide onto your existing tines and then allow a further reach. They are available to suit any size tine and come with a choice of lengths.

Cherry Products Headstocks

The range of Cherry Products headstocks are designed to suit multiple manufacturers and can be fitted directly on the machine. Built to last and using the finest quality raw materials, these headstocks will give years of use.

Cherry Products headstock conversions allow you to have a machine of a certain type and pick up attachments that have another manufacturers bracket type. 

Cherry Products headstocks offer direct mount replacement headstocks that can be made to fit both loaders and telehandlers. The headstocks themselves fit directly onto the boom of the machine. They can be made with either Manual or Hydraulic locking pins.

Cherry Products adaptor plates come with both manual and hydraulic options.

Cherry Products implement mover is a must for most farms and dealerships. The telehandler to implement plate fits onto your telehandler headstock and allows it to move any implement with three point linkage, ideal for moving those large, awkward items such as ploughs and other cultivation equipment.

Cherry Products Other Attachments

Cherry Products manufacturer a range of other attachments and these are:

  • Big bag lifter which gives a safe, quick and efficient option for moving big bags. 
  • Bucket brushes which have a galvanized body and adjustable frame. These bucket brushes fit most tractor and telehandler buckets for a quick easy yard sweeping. 
  • Grain Pusher is built on an over specification, heavy duty design, providing many benefits throughout. A key focus of the design is the circular tube frame which reduces the number of grain traps, keeping grain in the store and not the yard. 
  • Shear grabs which  consists of 42 versions over 4 different types suitable for a variety of machinery including wheel loader, skid steer loader, tractors with front loader and telescopic handlers. 
  • Pick-up hitches which is double acting and are rated to tow 10 tonne and lift 2 tonne.
  • Log grabs with 4 models covering a host of applications and machine types.
  • Box grader is suitable for a variety of tractor horsepower’s and gives a cost effective solution to breaking up and levelling surfaces. Ideal for farm drives, tracks and the like, the ultra hard wearing reversible front tines break up the immediate surface with relative ease.
  • Tine mounted brush which is suitable for telehandlers, loaders or industrial forklift tines. This fork mounted brush offers a cost efficient option for yard clearing.
  • Wood bins which has been purposely designed and built with end users to give a versatile solution to loading, moving and storing wood. 
  • Snow ploughs where all models come as standard at  2.70 metre (9 foot) which covers a 2.45 metre (8 foot) track when angled.  An adjustable heavy duty wheel set included as is three point linakge.
  • Snow blades which comes with brackets or three point linkage on all models. All models come as standard at 2.70 metre (9 foot) wide which covers a 2.45 metre (8 foot) track when angled. An adjustable heavy duty wheel set included.
  • Bolt-on brackets for most manufacturer types.
  • Weld-on brackets for most manufacturer types.