New Iseki Stage V Engines

Iseki Stage V Engines Overview

The new Iseki Stage V engines have been designed and developed to offer significantly reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption, without any loss of power or performance.

Maintenance of these new engines is much easier thanks to a robust one-piece metal bonnet that allows effortless access to the engine. Daily check items such as the dipstick can even be accessed without opening the bonnet.

These Stage V compliant engines pass all the emission controls with DPF, EGR and DOC ensuring they meet all the regulations.

Iseki Stage V Engines Features

  • Decreased noise levels
  • Lower vibration
  • Less wear and tear on the engine
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • 3-cylinder and 4- cylinder turbo diesel engine options
  • Common-rail injection and exhaust after treatment
  • Water-cooled engines