Leaf Clearing Equipment

Leaf Clearing Equipment Overview

With Autumn comes lots of fallen leaves and other debris that can not only look unsightly, but prove hazardous especially wet leaves. These can at times be as slippery are ice.

Therefore it is important to keep on top of keeping pathways, driveways and other communal areas to ensure staff and visitors remain safe and here at Land Care Machinery, we have a fantastic range of leaf clearing equipment, that is perfect for the job.

Leaf Clearing Equipment Options

We sell a wide range of leaf clearing equipment from our main franchises of Wessex, SCH Supplies and Logic, including leaf collectors, power brushes, sweepers and professional leaf suction units, that will make light work of collecting wet or dry leaves and other debris such as small twigs, etc.

Choose from:

  • SCH Supplies towed sweeper/collector
  • SCH Supplies equestrian powered brush
  • SCH Supplies leaf sucker tipper trailer
  • SCH Supplies large capacity trailer collector
  • SCH Supplies professional leaf suction unit
  • SCH Supplies leaf blower
  • SCH Supplies hard surface powered sweeper
  • Logic 4×4/UTV/ATV MSP pro-sweep
  • Logic UTV/ATV S215 power brush
  • Logic UTV UTS215HR power brush

Leaf Clearing Equipment Image Gallery

Take a look at the different types of leaf clearing equipment in our gallery below.

If you require any further information on our leaf clearing equipment, please get in touch with us.